Charles Martinet Reveals What’s Said In Super Mario 64 When Mario Throws Bowser

The renowned voice behind Mario, Charles Martinet, has stated exactly what the iconic Nintendo character says when he throws Bowser in the classic Super Mario 64. It is currently the question on everyones lips on social media, so who best to ask than the voice of Mario, Charles Martinet. Mr. Martinet was asked the question by a fan and replied that Mario says to Bowser, “So long kinga Bowser.” So if anyone asks, that’s the definitive answer.


  1. My siblings and I never knew exactly what was being said. It sounded like, “So long gay Bowser!”

  2. I always knew he said “king” and I like to misheard it as “gay”. It seems to me that a lot of people are pulling a Kotaku in that they are sticking to their guns on what they wanna hear.

  3. No matter how hard I try I can’t hear the “kinga” when Bowser is thrown.
    S O L O N G G AY B O WSE R R

    1. I feel less alone now. I always heard “So long, ya clumsy!”

      I have no idea how people hear “gay” there. Probably because I didn’t KNOW people had heard “Gay Bowser” until a couple weeks ago when the who Persona Smash debacle happened.

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