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Rumour: Forza Street Mobile Game Could Be Coming To Nintendo Switch

Microsoft recently dipped once again into causal gaming with a new street racing game titled Forza Street. It’s not apparent how well it performed on the Window Store and there’s a vast number of racing games already on iOS and Android, which is the final destination for the racer. Now it seems as though there’s a possibility that Forza Street could also be coming to the Nintendo Switch. The news was discovered within the game’s source code and the Nintendo Switch seems to be mentioned there along with iOS and Android. We shall have to wait and see on this one!

AR12Gaming has received evidence to suggest that the game might be coming to a fourth platform in the future. A member who goes by the name of Logic in our Discord server… sent me a snippet from the game’s source code which makes several references to Nintendo Switch, along with the aforementioned Android and iOS.

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    1. That’s what we said with persona, now look at us with that spin off. Don’t get me wrong, game looked pretty fun. But it isn’t Persona 5, and never will be able to touch that game whatsoever. Someone somewhere will manage to come up with a “great” idea and ruin the fun.


  1. Switch (nintendo) need serious Gran turismo or Forza title game with massive singleplayer campaign. Big aaa game. No another mobile shit! If someone need Arcade racing, Ok. Give us burnout paradise. Big game. No mobile trash!!!


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