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17,000 Pokemon GO Gamers Pick Up 145 Tonnes Of Rubbish For Earth Day 2019

Earth Day recently took place and people around the world helped for the day to make the world a better place. Pokemon GO players also joined in with this valiant effort and a staggering 17,000 participants managed to collect a total of 145 tonnes of rubbish that had sadly been inappropriately discarded. If you wish to read more about this excellent endeavour then click here!

  • 176 NGO hosted events & 300 player hosted events
  • 41 countries & 6 continents
  • 17,000 players volunteered 41,000 hours
  • 145 tons of trash was collected
  • Partnered with 46 NGOs

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  1. Tonnes and Rubbish is for non-Americans and Tons and Trash is for us Americans.

    1. Rubbish is used in America =b tonnes is a metric ton or a teragram (1,000 Kilograms).
      American Tons is 2000 lbs. It’s one of those things where a ton was made by Europe long before they officially adopted the metric system and they kept the word around. Sorta how the British pound is supposed to be 1 pound of silver and they still say poind even though they don’t use pounds as a measurement anymore o3o

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