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Video: Donkey Kong Jr., VS. Excitebike And Clu Clu Land Coming To Nintendo Switch Online On May 15

Three more NES classics are on the way to Nintendo Switch. Members of the Nintendo Switch Online service will soon have access to Donkey Kong Jr., VS. Excitebike and Clu Clu Land. All three of these titles will be made available to play on Nintendo’s latest console from May 15. Check out the embedded video below to see these games in action on Nintendo Switch:


    1. What about Netflix? How about some folders for all the games I now have? I bet new software will be announced once we see the Switch mini or Switch Pro… So far I think it’s safe to say Nintendo Switch Online isn’t really worth it at the moment

      1. Yea, I wish Netflix was on my Switch too. The online IS worth it, to me, because I’m able to play online with my brothers and sister. Mario kart, Wargroove, Splatoon 2, Arms, Mario Tennis, the old NES games, Smash bros, etc. I also was able to 100% use Gold Points to pay for my year. But I get it. I wish they just offered more. Fingers crossed, right? 😀

        1. You realized if those games were on the Wii U it would be free online? Smash Wii U probably had better online than Ultimate. It’s only because it’s requried now so of course you’re gonna buy it

      2. Seriously though, I haven’t actually noticed the lack of Netflix because it’s built into my tv and I prefer to watch it on my laptop anyways, but the lack of it now is just embarrassing. Where’s the Switch themes? Are NES games seriously the only classic games we’re going to have? No SNES? I could excuse these things not being on the Switch when it was new, but the thing has been out for 26 months now.

        1. Couldn’t agree more man. Could be an easy money grab even charging for themes and what not. 3DS had themes and achievements… Why have i waited over 2 years for this?

  1. I’m so excited for the SNES Classic, and even though I didn’t get a preorder it would have been great if these top 25 games would have been the preloaded one (Although most are). The only ones I felt deserved a spot were Actrasier, Mario Paint, Krustys Super Fun House, Killer Instinct and God forgive me Bubsy. I mean those were some of my SNES games of my childhood and I still think they’re great (No matter what anyone says) Overall though to this day I think the SNES was the best video game system to date!

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