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A Celeste Dev Has Confirmed That There Will Be Some New Story In The Free “Farewell” DLC

Celeste‘s dev team have been spending this year teasing the game’s upcoming DLC. The DLC, which is called “Farewell”, will add a 9th chapter to the game for free and release on multiple platforms, including the Nintendo Switch. Developer Matt Thorson and composer Lena Raine have tweeted more details about the content to come. Not only will the DLC have some story, but it will have a lot of music. The two tweets can be seen down below.


  1. That’s awesome news. I was late to Celeste, only playing it earlier this year, and I thought it couldn’t live up to the high praise it had gotten. I was happily proved wrong as I thought it was excellent.

    1. same here. In the beginning it feels almost too simplistic, but then I realized it just all makes so much sense in the big picture. Such a great game. And so painfully hard especially the post-end content.

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