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The Detective Pikachu Movie Is #1 At The International Box Office For The Second Weekend In A Row

It has been nothing but success for the Detective Pikachu movie. For the second weekend in a row, the movie has topped the international box office. Detective Pikachu received $53,800,000 from 72 foreign markets, and it has now earned $193,400,000 overseas. Since its launch earlier this month, Detective Pikachu has earned $287,400,000 worldwide.



      1. Don’t get me wrong, I’m on your side. I dont like this AVG fanboy. He is a complete moron who thinks less of people who likes what he dislikes.

        But your comment makes no sense man, why would he cry? What do you even mean by “first sucker”?

    1. “Look at me, I’m on a Nintendo news website name-calling people who like what I dislike!”

  1. Doing pretty well in all honesty for a movie that got released in Avengers Endgame’s shadow.

    1. It’s honestly not bad. Movies based on games typically get a bad rap (and rightfully so, since most really do range from mediocre to terrible) but DP got a lot right, like staying close to the source material. Plus hearing a dispondent Ryan Reynolds sing the original Pokemon theme song was a funny reference.

      …Still wish Danny Devito voiced Pikachu, but I guess he was busy with Dumbo (which was not good).

  2. A very crap movie only those nostalgic over 30 plus year old virgins will go to see pokemon should of died with gen 2 like it should of done.

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