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Video: Check Out The Character Types Spotlight For Team Sonic Racing

Team Sonic Racing allows you to choose between three player types — Speed, Technique and Power. You can learn the advantages and weaknesses of each type in the latest trailer for the upcoming racing game, which you can check out in the embedded video below. Team Sonic Racing is set to launch this coming Tuesday, May 21, across multiple platforms, including Nintendo Switch.


  1. Team sonic racing needs Jet The Hawk (speed), Cream the rabbit (technique), storm the albatross (power), wave the swallow (technique), sticks the badger (speed), and chaos zero (power) to be playable as dlc characters. I will not play as big the cat and omochao. #TeamSonicRacing

    1. I want samba de amigo, espio, billy hatcher, ulala, aiai, and NiGHTS. The character select screen has room for 5 more characters so I want at least 5 dlc characters that will appeal to me. The team concept is optional in some modes.

    1. Yep. I would’ve taken a Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing Transformed Switch Port instead of this garbage. Sure the transform gimmick was bad, but at least it actually had good graphics and didn’t force you to race in teams.

      1. @Jeremy Bird-Fremont There is a single player racing mode, but for the most part the whole game is focused and centered around team racing, which was a terrible idea seeing how Sonic Racing Games were never focused around team racing to begin with. Graphically, All Stars Transformed was soo much better looking. Maybe it’s just me, but the environment, the background, the cars, the tracks, the drifting animation, it all looks more cartoonish than anything else.

  2. I’m hearing that team sonic racing won’t have dlc. If cream the rabbit and at least one Babylon rogue are not playable, then I’m not buying team sonic racing.

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