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New Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night Details Emerge

The long-awaited Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is due to be released this summer for a number of platforms including the popular Nintendo Switch platform. 505 Games has shared post launch plans as well as the content contained in the day one patch which will include the following; Boss Rush and Speedrun mode along with the Pure Miriam outfit. Here’s what’s due post launch:

  • Two additional playable characters
  • Local and online multiplayer for certain co-op and vs. modes
  • Roguelike mode
  • Chaos mode
  • Classic mode
  • Boss Revenge mode

Oh, and there’s also this surprise!

To that end we’re announcing the “Iga’s Back Pack” DLC for $9.99, launching on June 18, 2019 for PS4, XB1 and PC, June 25, 2019 for Switch. Players who purchase this DLC will be able to fight the game’s creator, Koji Igarashi himself, and earn the powerful Swordwhip weapon by defeating him. 

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  1. I would rather they have waited to release this game until all the revealed features were finalized into the base game.

    1. What is stopping you then?? Just wait until all of the announced DLC is released, then buy it.

      1. I think he’s implying that the game be as full and complete as possible with everything possible on the actual cartridge. A bit like the delayed physical release of shovel knight

  2. I have to get this game just to fight Koji Igarashi himself. Will he be sitting at a table drinking wine again?
    Even without that incentive, this game sounds so much like Arie of Sorrow that I have to play it.

  3. DLC coming out the same day as the game launches is not DLC. It is, how can we raise the price of the game? Dumb.

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