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ARMS: Last Semi-Final Round Is Ninjara Vs. Mechanica

ARMS was perhaps overlooked by some players but it’s an immensely fun and unique fighter. Nintendo has been running its Party Crash Bash events and they are drawing to a close with the final set to star the mighty Min-Min. To see who will face her, players will need to decide upon Ninjara and Mechanica and whoever comes away victorious will battle Min-Min. Well done to everyone who has participated to get to this stage of the event.


      1. A bit cluncky, even after a good while of motion controller commitment, it didn’t feel quite precise enough. I could never get any friends to play it with me because of the controllers.
        But it’s unique enough to stand on its own arms– I mean legs; I’ll give it that.

  1. I agree, I really enjoy ARMS still to this day. I play it every once in a while and have fun improving my skills. I think the motion controls are pretty neat, but I perfer the Stick controls and mapping the buttons to what feels comfortable to me. Hoping to contribute to this weeks Party crash.

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