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Japan: 30 Minutes Of Yo-Kai Watch 4 Footage On Nintendo Switch

Japanese gamers have gone hands on with the latest entry in the Yo-Kai Watch series by Level 5, Yo-Kai Watch 4. It’s the company’s first entry on the Nintendo Switch system and hopefully it will prove to be a success as the franchise has traditionally performed well in Japan. The visuals look fantastic, but there does appear to be some framerate issues. Hopefully this can be fixed for launch.


    1. 3 comes to the west in July and the series sells well enough here =b they just take a while to translate the game as they are a smaller company. It’s why GameFreak sold partial IP rights of Pokemon to Nintendo so that Nintendo can translate and market the games far beyond what a 10 person Indie team could do.

    2. GF still only has teams of around 60 people working on a single game at one time, it isn’t a big studio. In fact, Level 5 has more than double the Employees than GameFreak does. It’s why I never expected Sword and Shield to have cutting edge graphics.

    3. I give it next year or 2021 when it comes to the switch in U.S and europe btw what happen to the anime disney xd literally remove it from the channel it can still be watch on the app but there’s been no signs of new episodes anywhere since January I heard disney xd gave up on it because ratings were low but that might be a rumor

  1. I think you mean 3DS. This is a handheld series, right? Switch isn’t a handheld according to Nintendo and their legions of fanboys, thus this is not a Switch game, but rather a 3DS game, because the 3DS is the current handheld, while Switch is the console. That’s what they keep yammering on and on, so it MUST be true.

    1. Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console. That means, you can use it as an HANDHELD and as a HOME CONSOLE. I don’t know, what’s so fucking hard to understand about that?!

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