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Nintendo Threatens To Take Legal Action Against Major E3 Leaker

If you’ve been active on social media this week, you may have come across numerous leaks regarding E3 2019 announcements. One key leaker, who goes by the name Sabi, has managed to break some major news even before official reveals from publishers went public. However, Nintendo was made aware of this and threatened to take legal action against Sabi if necessary. Sabi is complying with Nintendo’s orders but doesn’t plan to stop leaking content from other companies.


  1. They made a new terraria trailer announcement for one of the biggest updates, might want to cover it. I’m very excited that this game is getting an update after 2 years!

  2. I always wonder how people find out what a company is going to reveal in order to leak the information. For anyone to discover a company’s secrets, there must be a lot of big mouths around, talking about things they aren’t supposed to talk about.

    1. Most companies have a bunch of low level grunts that dont care enough about the job to care about leaking. It’s just a job to them.
      When I worked at Amazon they told us to keep the first Prime Day a huge secret, 3 minutes later it’s all over the internet of low level employees spamming reddit for easy karma.

      1. People who have access to the vital information sell said information to leakers as well. Having the info makes you valuable and some seek to profit from it. I know this because more than a few years ago, I used to know a source who did this very thing.

        Leakers ruin E3 and other presentations imo. I can’t say Sabi didn’t deserve it.

  3. Well, serve him right. This has no idea what Nintendo is going to do. Besides, Nintendo already take legal action before. Yeah, they have taken legal action against some gamers/Youtubers who post the early content story mode of Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Pokemon Sun and Moon and got in trouble by Nintendo. I had to say, Nintendo is doing the right thing for there policies and code of conduct.

  4. Good, I hate spoilers. I want to approach the Direct with absolutely NO heads up. Of course, that is going to be tough since I won’t be able to get online until 10

  5. i hate leakers with a passion because they ruin the surprise. hate me all you want but you know its true. same goes for spoilers in most movies and games.

  6. Good, I hate leakers who ruin my E3 excitement for their pathetic little moment of nerdy fame.

  7. Why don’t they just stop leaking? Can’t we just find out about things when we’re suppose to?

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