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Japan: Nintendo Switch Dragon Quest XI S Roto Edition Announced

Square Enix announced a new Dragon Quest themed Nintendo Switch console. It’s called the Dragon Quest XI S Roto Edition and includes Dragon Quest XI Definitive Edition. News has just come through that players who purchase the version Nintendo Switch version of Dragon Quest XI will be able to transfer saves from the PlayStation 4 version! The unique console is only available in Japan.



  1. So for those of you who aren’t old as dirst, “Roto” is a reference to an early Dragon Quest character. DQ 1-3 existed in the same universe. In the original game, you played as the descendant of a legendary hero. In DQ 3, a prequel, you play as that hero. The name of that hero was “Roto/Loto” in the original japanese, and the later ports of the game. The original NES translation called this character Erdrick. So to a western audience, this could be called the “Erdrick edition”.

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  2. You know, you could order the system overseas. They are not region specific. And even if they were, you’d still get a cool pair of Slime Blue Joycons and a dope Port.

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