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PlatinumGames’ Director Discusses Astral Chain Advanced Battle Mechanics, Skills And Legion Types

PlatinumGames’ stunning new action title Astral Chain was recently shown during the Nintendo Treehouse stream – and boy, was there a lot to take in. Director Takahisa Taura discussed a number of interesting elements during the playthrough, including the five different Legion types available to players, as well as the advanced battle mechanics on display.

As a member of the Neuron Police special task force, you’ve been asked to investigate the mysterious Red Matter and its connection to the mysterious forces emerging from the Astral Plane. To do this, you’ll need to wield a number of Legion, which are connected to you via a chain, to defeat enemies and save humankind. For brevity, here’s a list of theย  different topics discussed during the stream. You’ll be able to see of all them in action when Astral Chain releases for the Nintendo Switch on August 30th.

  • Your investigation starts at a place called The Ark – the most lively section of humankind – where you can speak to and initiate side quests from NPCs, pick up and dispose of Red Matter to gain extra Police Points, and progress through the main storyline.
  • Red Matter is a corrupt substance in Astral Chain, regular people who stand too near it will become corrupt and start to attack, but your character is able to withstand the effects due to your connection to the Astral Plane and Legion.
  • You can hack into cameras with your Legion and use them to analyse people to continue your mission.
  • In this segment, we were shown five different types of Legion; Sword, Arrow, Arm, Beast and Axe.
  • A Limiter Gauge is used in relation to your Legion, it decreases when your Legion is in use.
  • Players will have to switch between different Legions to defeat enemies and avoid attacks.
  • You can chain combos together and use Finishing Moves to increase your Limiter Gauge. Increasing the Limiter enables you to perform a Sync Attack (auto combo) with your Legion, this can be activated by pressing the attack button during a shine spark.
  • You can pull out the cores of enemies to refill your gauge.
  • You can chain jump.
  • You can perform perfect dodges to release sync attacks and build up your Limiter quicker.
  • There’s a Skill Tree available for each Legion, which can be unlocked by gathering Gene Codes.
  • Active / Passive Skills can resemble one another, but some are entirely unique to that particular Legion.
  • You can summon multiple Legions at one time by unlocking and assigning a particular Skill.

Source: Nintendo Treehouse


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