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WSJ: Nintendo Starts Production On Two New Switch SKUs In Southeast Asia

The Wall Street Journal is reporting today that Nintendo has moved some Nintendo Switch manufacturing from China to Southeast Asia due to US trade tarrifs. The site also reports that the production for the Switch includes the current model and two new models, which suggests that Nintendo is set to release or announce them soon. The site says that one of the new Nintendo Switch systems is a beefed up version while the other is “a less-expensive model with a new look.”

People involved in the supply chain said production in Southeast Asia has started for the Switch, including the current type and the two new models, suggesting Nintendo is getting ready to introduce them soon. They didn’t give specific volume figures but said Nintendo wanted to have enough units to sell in the U.S., the largest market for videogame consoles, when the new products go on the market.



  1. My guess is that this change in operation held back the announcement of the two systems. So they would have been at E3 but pushed it back since they had a delay in manufacturing.
    Probably hear about new systems at Tokyo gaming show, but more likely around CES 2020.

  2. Budget model will definitely come out on or before Pokémon Sword and Shield’s release date. I just can’t imagine them releasing a the new generation exclusively on a $300 system that’s barely portable.

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