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Fire Emblem: Three Houses New Character Feature On Catherine

The Japanese Fire Emblem account has uploaded a few videos and shared some interesting information about Catherine, who is voiced by Matsuura Chie. Here’s the translated information provided by the account as well as two character trailers. Fire Emblem: Three Houses launches worldwide for the Nintendo Switch on the 26th July.

  • Voiced by Matsuura Chie
  • An alumni of the Garegg Mach Officer’s Academy, and a member of the Seiros Knights.
  • She is a fearsome swordswoman that wields “Raitei” (Thunder), one of the legendary weapons known as the “Heroes’ Relics, and is loyal to Archbishop Rhea.
  • In the distant past, “Fodlan’s Ten Heroes” were warriors given strength by the Goddess.
  • Alongside the “Crests” they received from her, they were also granted holy weapons known as “Heroes’ Relics”.
  • To use the power lying within the “Relics”, one must hold the corresponding Crest.

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11 thoughts on “Fire Emblem: Three Houses New Character Feature On Catherine”

  1. I’ll bet that’s the “bad guy the game tries to make you feel bad for killing” character.
    Wish this game was a little more creative with its character design.

        1. So far it’s a map we haven’t seen before, names we haven’t heard before nor any known characters have appeared or been mentioned. Falchion (Marth’s Sword) has been used to tie stuff together; and so far I’ve haven’t seen it. But Awakening and Fates made time travling and alternative universes(or something) a thing.

          1. I wouldn’t use different names of places to say it’s not the same land. If not for Falchion, we would have never known Awakening was taking place in the future on Marth’s continent. I didn’t notice but was the “world” map in Awakening the same design as the one in Shadow Dragon?

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