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US: Team Narwal Wins Latest Splatfest

The latest Splatoon 2 Splatfest has been taking place in North America this weekend and it was Team Narwal who took the win. The Splatfest saw Team Narwal take on Team Unicorn and by all accounts it was a bitter fight, though Team Narwal dominated and took the lead by 3-0. No matter which team you chose, well done for taking part!

9 thoughts on “US: Team Narwal Wins Latest Splatfest”

  1. Finally! I won one… lol, I don’t even care about the theme I usually choose a random side and I have been choosing wrong every time xD. I was surprised Unicorn didn’t win the popular vote because it is so prevalent and overrated… lol, I thought nobody would even know what a Narwal was and would just choose unicorn instead.

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