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Super Mario Maker 2 currently only allows you to upload 32 levels

Super Mario Maker 2 finally launched on the Nintendo Switch yesterday and players have been busy creating their own intricate levels. A Reddit member has been testing the course uploading process out and has revealed that the title only allows users to upload 32 levels. This could just be a launch issue like it was with the original, which only allowed 10 levels to be uploaded. Hopefully once the game’s been out a while they will increase the user upload cap. We shall let you know if they do.



  1. I uploaded a few levels. My 3rd on probably being my best, so far. You can find it here… 743-8XW-WFG

    My 2nd one is ok too. 30V-G9K-LTF

    My 1st one I forgot to add a Check Point, so it can be a little rough at the end. But if you want to try it, it’s here 43F-Y4G-YDF.

    There is an easy way to beat all 3 stages. I can give a hint if you’d like. But if you try them, I’d say say the 3rd one first, and 2nd one 2nd. If you want to be daring enough to try the first one, know that there’s no checkpoint and that the end is tricky (if you don’t use the easy way I mentioned earlier).

    Good luck to those who try it. The more the merrier. All are welcome.

  2. Didn’t you only start with ten slots until you got credit by people starting your levels, at which point you were allowed more slots? Starting with 32 slots is already an improvement, and maybe later, if you have lots of highly rated quality levels, they let you upload more.

    Once I have more levels uploaded, I’ll share them. Right now I’m focusing on doing updated versions of my favorite/best levels from the Wii U Mario Maker.

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