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The Verge: Nintendo quietly updating original Switch with a new CPU and storage

The Verge is reporting that Nintendo is currently looking to update the original Nintendo Switch system with a new CPU and storage system. This isn’t thought to be the Nintendo Switch Pro system, but it is just a slight tweak to the original. It seems like it won’t be mentioned whether you are getting the newer model or the original. This has happened before with consoles, the most notable being the Xbox 360. Of course we could all be wrong and this is a notable revision. We shall have to wait and see.



  1. it’s clear that they just want to close the open backdoors in the current hardware which allows hacking the switch.

  2. Not only is it not the first time, it’s downright common. Later revisions of the Super Nintendo board had a slightly sharper picture from the new chip. Some models of Dreamcasts can play cd backups. Not sure why the author says most notably with the Xbox360 because Sony has gone absolutely bonkers with board revisions throughout their history.

    1. If it is more AntiHomeBrew, the older models might raise in resale price. It’s sorta like the 3DS and the whole “IPS SCREEN” debacle, though that situation was more of a gamble while this will surly have model numbers and indicators of what the version is.

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