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Nintendo unveils the official box art for Astral Chain

Leading up to the highly-anticipated launch of Astral Chain, Nintendo has unveiled the official box art for Platinum Games’ upcoming action title. As you can see in the image above, the box art showcases the game’s twin protagonists and the living weapon known as the Legion. You’ll be able to take part in synergetic action and investigative gameplay when Astral Chain arrives on August 30, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.


  1. Personally, I think the cover art looks kinda bad. Like a crappy cartoon for kids. Kinda reminds me of the old NA Mega Man boxes (though not nearly as terrible). They should have just used the game’s assets instead. I think this does the game a disservice.

  2. I’m kinda worried for the lack of exposition Daemon X Machina seems to have. That game and Astral Chain seem like a good combo to get

  3. If it was Naughty Dog they’ll complain the art is sexist and have it changed so that the female is in front o3o

    1. Or someone at Kotaku will cry foul because the characters are wearing police gear. Least I think it was a Kotaku article that bitched about the police riot gear skin for one of the Overwatch characters.

        1. I think they’ve outright admitted they don’t care about games but only about forcing politics (namely the politics THEY agree with) into games. I hear Polygon & IGN aren’t much better these days, either.

          1. Yeah I used to frequent IGN waaaaay back then just kinda stopped. Went back and It’s clearly not the way I remembered. I remember even having an email account through them lol.

            Let’s be real, that’s why I prefer sites like MNN. Straight to the point without all the nonsense 😉

            1. For the Nintendo side of the industry, MNN is definitely a great place to use for video game news. Don’t even have to give IGN, Kotaku, or Polygon any views which is how they make their money thanks to ads on their site.

  4. Only complaint I have is the location of the text, it is hiding something very crucial.

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