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Fire Emblem Heroes Summoning event announced featuring 4 heroes from Three Houses

Nintendo has announced the latest summoning event for their well-received mobile title Fire Emblem Heroes. The action begins on 22nd July and kicks off at 12am PT. Those who participate in the event will see four new Heroes from the forthcoming Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Have a watch of the video illustrating this down below.

Thanks to happygamer1224 for sending in the news tip via the contact form.


  1. Gonna cancel my pre-order to whale on this game to get Claude. Clearly, a superior idea to cash into a virtual game that can get banned anytime because of the gambling aspect of the game.
    That being said, Byleth is looking fine.

    1. That 100€ pre-order I have on Three Houses Collectors Edition could get 175 orbs… decisions decisions…
      But yeah, green and red gonna be my summons.

      1. Idk man… Claude is looking fine as heck – also my choice of house

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