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Nintendo releases Thank You video for Splatoon 2

Sadly the final Splatfest for the mighty Splatoon 2 is now over. To celebrate players dedication to the colourful ink em up, Nintendo has released a special Thank You video for the game. If you haven’t already seen the results it was a 3 – 0 victory to Team Chaos. Have a watch of the video down below.

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3 thoughts on “Nintendo releases Thank You video for Splatoon 2”

  1. It truly is bittersweet, knowing this is the end of the line for Splatfests. I wish there was at least one more year, since the Switch still has a long life ahead of it (and likely means we won’t see Splatoon 3 for quite a while still).

    It’s been a good run, fellow squids.

  2. What a fantastic game. Sad to see it come to an “end”, but it’s cool that the fanbase stayed so large for so long. Also, more importantly, I have never had any lag whatsoever in Splatoon online EVER, when the Switch has trouble running Mario 1 online. That’s a feat in itself.

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