Amazon says that they will “no longer be supporting the Prime Video app on your Wii U console as of September 26th, 2019”

Another app on the Wii U is coming to an end. Amazon has sent a notice to users that they “will no longer be supporting the Prime Video app on your Nintendo Wii U console as of September 26, 2019”. They explained why, saying that “we are continually upgrading our service and this occasionally means we can no longer support certain device models”. A screenshot of the notice can be seen down below.



  1. I remember when Nintendo shutdown the Wii U Chat service last year since many people got the Nintendo Switch at launch day. The E-Shop on the Wii U still remains.

    R.I.P Wii U Chat and the music :-(

  2. Doesn’t switch still not have all these apps? I don’t really use it for anything besides games, but I was under the understanding that there was no Netflix, Hulu, etc on it still.

    This is like Nintendo nuking internet roms, but still refusing to resell them. Switch online would be 1000x better if it included Gamecube and N64 games or at least the ability to play like 1 hour a day for free with online. I don’t know who cares about NES games for more than like 20minutes of novelty.

  3. This stuff breaks my heart to see (little dramatic, but yeah..). I didn’t even get to own a Wii U yet and to see support for it’s best features and apps being flushed down the drain more and more makes me feel like i’ll never get to truly experience the console when i finally get one.

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