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Classic DOOM games available for Nintendo Switch

Three classic DOOM games are now available on all platforms including the Nintendo Switch system. These were announced at Quake Con this evening and the pricing is as follows Doom and Doom II cost $4.99 each and Doom 3 costs $9.99. Enjoy these classic first person shooters!


  1. What’s next for this year’s Quake Con? Doom Slayer DLC Reveal for Smash Ultimate?

  2. I don’t think that this is what the haters meant when they said that the Switch was doomed.

    1. Quite peculiar.
      How have you managed to avoid Doom, when it has been playable on everything, including toasters?

      1. It all started when I was born…

        Nah, but I was a seriously sheltered child growing up. Especially after Columbine, my parents pretty much forbade any first-person shooters (since it’s known that the two boys responsible had played games like DOOM and Quake) and were on board the “video games cause people to be violent” bandwagon. It’s a miracle I was able to get away with playing the Metroid Prime games while I was in high school.

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