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Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Grand Prix season ‘Back N. Time’ announced, plus addition of microtransactions

Beenox and Activision have announced the second Grand Prix for the excellent Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled. Sadly, Activision has also announced that microtransactions will be rearing their ugly head in the game. We shall have to see how their monetisation system will work with the Wumpa coins. Here’s the details for the second Grand Prix season which is titled ‘Back N. Time’

New Characters and Karts

It looks like Cortex hit the rewind button a little too long, creating Baby versions of Crash and Coco, two new playable characters showing up in the Pit Stop this season! But don’t let the pacifiers fool you, the Back-N. Time Grand Prix is also packing some major bedrock flair with the ability to unlock the kart turned time-machine Probulot 2000 in the Pit Stop, the beloved kart from Crash Tag Team Racing. Players will have 18 new items to earn by completing challenges and filling their Nitro Gauge. Highlighting these rewards is a new racer to Crash Team RacingBaby T., the beloved character from Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped.

New Skins and Kart Customization Items

New skins, such as Mad Scientist Crash, Sabertooth Pura, and Stone Age N. Tropy(to name a few) will also be making their way to the Pit Stop. There will be ways to intimidate the competition all around the track with new kart customization items like the flame-flaring Lave Rock Wheels. You can almost feel the heat coming off these primitive bad boys!

New Track

Last but not least, Beenox has really outdone themselves with the new Prehistoric Playground track. Prehistoric Playground will immerse racers in an epic world with Jurassic-sized flora, violent geysers bursting from the ground, caves with mysterious wall-paintings, and of course, giant dinosaurs roaming the land! With the introduction of the Grand Prix, Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled has created a new lane for the delivery of content and the framework surrounding kart racers to come.

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Thanks to PC Military Commander Sid for the news tip!

26 thoughts on “Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Grand Prix season ‘Back N. Time’ announced, plus addition of microtransactions”

    1. There’s still plenty of content in the game, if you don’t like microtransactions then just ignore them like I pan on doingl

    1. Because not everyone wants to “GIT GUD” to unlock all the Grand Prix/Pit Stop content.

      Also, it’s OPTIONAL.

      1. If you don’t want to bother getting good at all, and you literally want the game to just play itself…why even buy the game??? Just watch a movie at that point.

        Also “it’s optional” sure but sometimes games can be designed around microtransactions and in those cases it isn’t optional in order to fully enjoy those games.

        1. I can still race laps with the content (and play the Adventute Mode). Not every game is about unlocking everything, but if it’s in the game, it only makes sense to have it than never see it (especially if you’re paying for it). Also, it’s 20 years of “GIT GUD” expectations in such a short time, for a limited time event, especially if you owned an N64 in the 90’s (as opposed to a PS1).

      2. Right? Sometimes I look at the $60 game I bought and say “You know, I don’t wanna play the actual game, but I do wanna unlock everything”. Thank god for microtransactions.

        1. I can STILL play the actual game, AND either be less happy because I never see the content, or curse up a storm and break several controllers before I finally unlock them (and under a strict limited time). I can spend my days grinding in a hard game, and not enjoy other titles I haven’t played yet, or anything else.

          1. Yes, or the game could not be designed around microtransactions. Negating the need for constant grinding and limited time items that entice you to impulse buy.
            However you spin the story, microtransactions are a blight to a game period.

            1. So not being forced to grind for Wumpa coins between 7/3-7/28 or 8/2-8/25 is a blight to the game. Well tough shit, because I will be purchasing Wumpa Coins with my money, and then N. Trance/any Grand Prix content I may have missed. Maybe I even get the Champion Kart that is exclusive to the “holy and privileged” 5%.

              And it’s not going away, so I might as well benefit from it. After the CTTR characters and Reignited Trilogy on the Switch, I don’t care what Activision does next.

        1. I find your comment extremely condescending and rude.

          I’m sorry that you think microtransactions will ruin the game, but they ARE optional and won’t ruin YOUR game.

          So stop being a douche!

  1. I no longer look at the titles of games anymore, I only look at which publisher is behind that game and tha is the deciding point on whether or not I buy said game, When I see any western triple A publisher on the front I avoid said game unless Fromsoft is developing it.

    1. Wow that’s a lot of games your missing. So you only play Japanese published games ? Or Indies ? It’s crazy how ppl attach emotions behind brand names as if companies themselves are actual living entities. Hate the guys making crappy decisions but don’t just write off every game, companies hire new ppl all the time.

      1. Actually I don’t miss anything because of the greed going on with triple A games and tbh I’m having more fun playing games that don’t pull s!@# like microtransactions. All of these triple A games are boring anyway, their gameplay is compromised thanks to greedy practices and I’m not stupid enough to pay extra for in a western triple A game that I can unlock for free in Japanese game just by playing. If anything people who play triple A games are pathetic because they are dumb enough to keep falling for these greedy practices every single time.

      2. I meant “for items in a western triple A game”, god this site is in dire need of an edit option for comments.

  2. 𝑵𝒊𝒏𝒕𝒆𝒏𝒅𝒐 𝑭𝒊𝒓𝒔𝒕 𝑶𝒓𝒅𝒆𝒓 𝑹𝒆𝒂𝒗𝒆𝒓


  3. Ever since I bought this game and saw the “Pit Stop” I’ve been waiting for them to add microtransactions. By the way everyone, this is the new trendy way of doing it. Don’t have microtransactions at launch to get good reviews. Then sneakily add them in later. Sure, you lose a bit of that launch microtransaction money, but hopefully with better reviews you’ll hook more people into the game and then you’ve got them and you’ve got them good. It’s one to look out for if you’re like me or indeed any smart gamer, and you loathe microtransactions.

  4. As soon as I saw how grindy the wumpa coins were, I knew they were going to add in microtransactions eventually. But I didn’t think it would be this early into the game’s lifespan though.

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