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The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening comes with double-sided poster at GameStop

If you purchase The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening at GameStop, you’ll receive an exclusive double-sided poster featuring artwork based on Link and Koholint Island. This offer is only available while supplies last, so be sure to take advantage of it before it’s too late. A full-fledged remake of the Game Boy classic of the same name, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is on track to launch on September 20 for Nintendo Switch.

6 thoughts on “The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening comes with double-sided poster at GameStop”

  1. I have this game pre-ordered at Gamestop already. The Dreamers Edition with the book (for only $10 more than the regular edition), as well as the new Link Amiibo, and, for playing the game already, at the big San Diego Comic Con event, I got a Link’s Awakening Keychain with the new Link too. So, good times all around.

  2. I’m no big fan of posters, but this one sure beats that unbelievably boring Smash Bros. Ultimate poster that Gamestop gave. I’m SO ticked off that the Dreamer Edition was sold out before I could preorder this game. I’ve been on the fence ever since about what to do.

    1. Sorry to hear that you didn’t get your Dreamer’s Edition Pre-Order in on time. The Dreamer’s Edition was announced later. I Pre-Ordered Link’s Awakening the day it was available to Pre-Order it. But back then, only the regular edition was announced. Then, when the Dreamer’s Edition was announced, Gamestop actually called me and asked me if I wanted to upgrade to the Dreamer’s Edition for only $10 more. So I said yeah, of course I would.

      They also asked if I wanted to Pre-Order the new Link Amiibo too. I’ve Pre-Ordered a lot of games over the years, and this particular Gamestop is a block from my house, and I’m there a lot, for big releases that I want. And there happened to be a Pre-Order that I made there, but I picked up while at the San Diego Comic Con last year, since I was there when it came out. Because I picked it up there, I forgot to cancel the Pre-Order at my home store here. So when they asked me if I wanted to Pre-Order the new Link’s Amiibo, they said I could move $5 off of a Pre-Order I already had on something else, and onto the new Amiibo. So I had them read me off what I had pre-ordered, and realized that I already owned one of the games on my pre-order list. So I had them move that Pre-Order to the new Link Amiibo instead.

      We did this all over the phone, the moment the Dreamer’s Edition became available for pre-order. Later, when I went in there to pick up another game that I had pre-ordered, I had them verify that my Link’s Awakening pre-order was for the both the Dreamer’s Edition and the Amiibo. They verified it, and I had them print me out a receipt so that I had that on hand. So, I’m set to go. But yeah, Gamestop actually called me to set that up over the phone. Tho, I already had the regular edition on Pre-Order at the time. For at least a few weeks, before the Dreamer’s Edition was announced.

      Tho, I always keep up with video game news and release dates, and the day that a new game’s release date is confirmed, I immediately go to Gamestop (since it’s just a block away), and I Pre-Order it, as they usually start taking pre-orders the moment the release date is announced. A few times, at E3, i’d watch that online, and then immediately go to Gamestop to pre-order any game that I was interested in, that now had a release date. Once I just went straight to Gamestop, right when they opened, and they said that they weren’t going to take pre-orders for any games until the E3 Showcase was over, so they had people line up. I was first in line since I got there early. But there was a good number of people behind me. I did the same for the Switch itself. I was in the store during the Nintendo Direct, and the moment the Nintendo Direct ended, they opened up Pre-Orders. I was 3rd in line that day tho.

      Anyways, tough luck on you not getting yours in. Hopefully you’ll find a place to be able to pre-order it soon. I was lucky, because they actually called me to upgrade my copy. Tho, I would of gone down there and upgraded my pre-order anyways, as I was just reading about it online when they called me. So I would of gone down there anyways. Them calling just saved me a trip out there. But I do agree with you tho. I was disappointed with the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate poster too.

  3. i mean its a neat poster but they could have included a couple more different posters to kinda make it worth pre-ordering at GameStop otherwise its just a poster (double-sided).

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