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Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition coming to Nintendo Switch 26th September


Those who have been waiting to find out when the next instalment of the Darksiders series will launch on the Nintendo Switch will be glad to hear we finally have a release date. THQ Nordic announced this afternoon on Twitter that Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition will be making its way onto the Switch on 26th September. The company also released a fresh trailer showing the action-packed title running on Nintendo Switch.


      1. I’d definitely be surprised. THQ Nordic releases almost everything physically, and Darksiders is one of their biggest IPs. I’m guessing the retailers just aren’t up-to-date yet and am expecting a physical release to happen eventually.

  1. Really bad release date coming around so many other titles. I guess it has to come out sometime though. I’ll be waiting.

    1. Yup I agree. Normally I would purchase but I’ll probly hold off. There’s daemon x Machina, dragon quest, ni no Kuni, astral Chaín just in that month and I’m probly forgetting some but point being it’s putting Darksiders pretty low on my radar honestly lol still haven’t finished the first one either.

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