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SEGA Ages Space Harrier and Puyo Puyo coming 22nd August in the west



SEGA announced firm release dates for two games in the SEGA Ages lineup here in the west. Those two games are SEGA Ages Space Harrier and SEGA Ages Puyo Puyo which are both due to be released on 22nd August. This will undoubtedly please retro enthusiasts as the SEGA Ages line has been great so far on Nintendo Switch.

3 thoughts on “SEGA Ages Space Harrier and Puyo Puyo coming 22nd August in the west”

  1. Will Puyo Puyo be translated? I still have the VC version of Puyo Puyo 2, which was left in Japanese (and no fan translations exist for the Genesis version).

    1. I imagine they’ll use the original arcade translation, possibly even with the infamous voice acting.
      Just curious, but do you know that an official translation of Puyo Puyo 2 exists within the Sega 3D Classics Collection on the 3DS? It is, however, the arcade version instead of the Genesis version.

      1. Edit, sorry: I was mistaken: the Sega Classics collection does not translate their dialogue, just the general text. It also looks like there is no story mode in the arcade version of 2.

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