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Power Stone producer says would like to make new game and says Switch is “great fit”


The UK news publication The Guardian has published a special Power Stone retrospective. The team also managed to have a chat with the series designer Hideaki Itsuno who mentioned that he very much appreciates the love that the games hold with fans and says he would eventually like to make a new title in the series. His platform of choice? The Nintendo Switch system.

Released into arcades in February 1999 and a few weeks later on Dreamcast, the game was a huge success, thrilling players with its impressive 3D visuals and accessible nature. A sequel followed a year later, and the two games made it onto a PSP collection disc in 2006. There was even an entertaining anime series.

“We weren’t just aping current trends or reiterating what had come before, and that has contributed to its lasting appeal,” says Tezuka. “I still get messages from fans about the game. People tweet requests to me to make another Power Stone, which I’d love to do if I got the chance. It would be a particularly great fit for the Nintendo Switch.”

9 thoughts on “Power Stone producer says would like to make new game and says Switch is “great fit””

  1. I love Power stone. It along with Mega Man, Viewtiful Joe, Breath of Fire, and maybe Monster hunter are one of the few Capcom IPs I heard of outside of crossovers.

  2. How about releasing the FIRST TWO GAMES on a system other than the Dreamcast and PSP, THEN releasing a third entry.

    Don’t pretend like N64/Gamecube/DS/Switch owners actually owned these titles. Hell, there’s a reason why Activision remade the first three Crash Bandicoot games and CTR before jumping on a new title.

    I’m still waiting on the first Unravel and Asterix and Obelix XXL 1

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