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NPD: The Nintendo Switch was the “best-selling hardware platform of July 2019”

As always, the monthly NPD gaming industry sales report isn’t restricted to only software. We also get information on video gaming hardware. For example, NPD confirmed that the Nintendo Switch was, once again, the best-selling hardware platform of July. NPD Analyst Mat Piscatella says that “hardware spending in July 2019 fell 22% when compared to a year ago, to $169,000,000. Year-to-date hardware spending has declined 21% versus year ago, to $1,500,000,000. Spending declined across all in-market console platforms in July, while only Nintendo Switch has experienced sales gains year to date”. Once again, it has become clear that people are simply waiting for the next generation of gaming consoles to begin.

As for gaming accessories, VentureBeat speculates that “We may see accessory sales spike later this year. People may pick up new add-ons for the Switch Lite, and Sony is launching new colors for the DualShock 4. For now, gamepad sales are going strong because games like Super Mario Maker 2 are driving people to upgrade”. The best-selling accessory for July 2019 was the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.



  1. That’s nice. I’m still waiting on Pikmin 4. For four years. I guess it has been canceled or Myiomoto is a liar talking about it was nearly finished.

    1. There could be any number of reasons why it hasn’t been released yet, I doubt Miyamoto lying is one of them. I’m sure we’ll find out in time

    2. I’m starting to think that the side scrolling Pikmin game was originally going to be Pikmin 4, hence why Miyamoto said the game was nearing completion years back, but they decided against that name because they realized making the next main entry as a side scroller instead of the treasure hunt the other entries were would piss off some or most of the fans. That or the ones that conducted the interview with Miyamoto thought he was talking about Pikmin 4 when he was actually talking about Hey! Pikmin. Or the 3rd option: Hey! Pikmin was going by the tentative title Pikmin 4 simply because it was going to be the 4th Pikmin game released. Or the worst case scenario: Hey! Pikmin WAS going to be Pikmin 4 but they decided against it.

      1. There shouldn’t be any confusion though, because it’s obvious that anyone asking about Pikmin 4/a new Pikmin means a new Pikmin of the main series and not a spin-off or something that just features Pikmin characters. That’s like if a reporter would have asked a few years ago when there will be a new Metroid Prime game and the developer said “soon” but actually meant Federation Force. While technically true, any developer should know that the reporter meant a main series game and not any game with the name Metroid Prime in the title. Same goes for Pikmin.

  2. Of course. PS5 & Xbox Scarlett were announced this year and could potentially release at the end of next year. Some people are no doubt saving up for those systems. In fact, I need to start doing the same.

    1. This claim is fucking nonsensical! The early adopters are exactly that: EARLY ADOPTERS! They bought the PS4 or Xbox One long time ago. The decline in hardware sales has nothing to do with people eagerly waiting for PS5, because they already have their PS4. It’s simply oversaturation of the market. There’s not many people left who want a PS4 and don’t have one yet. And most of the people who didn’t buy a PS4 are also not planning on buying a PS5.

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