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No More Heroes 3 for Nintendo Switch is 50% complete and team is trying to bring previous games across


The No More Heroes 3 Japanese livestream took place this morning and while there wasn’t a great deal of new information, Suda51 stated that the game is now roughly 50% complete. Suda51 mentioned that Kimmy Howell will be returning and he also showed off three new characters internally. He also added that he is trying his best to get No More Heroes 1 and No More Heroes 2 ported to the Nintendo Switch platform via Marvelous, but he can’t make any promises at this point in time.



    1. I was also salty about TSA. Felt like Paradise all over again, but this franchise is really fun. And to be fair, paradise played like crap compared to the wii version. And tsa, well its tsa lol

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