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Rumour: Capcom to have new announcement for Tokyo Game Show 2019 (Not Project Resistance)


Capcom is likely to unleash a new unannounced title at next month’s Tokyo Game Show in Japan. The game isn’t the next instalment in the Resident Evil series which is code named Project Resistance and is going to be on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. The announcement will be for an existing franchise so feel free to guess which one it is.




      1. I think it’s stems from the fact that not all people like zombies. Reisdent Evil is a great series, but for plenty of us zombies is just to nerve-wracking and scary in it of itself; then apply the thrilling and stressful gameplay of RE upon that. Dinosaurs at least relieves some of that scariness factor and makes you focus more in the gameplay, so even if both games are quite tense.

        But I can understand why many people haven’t played them. It’s more or less just RE with dinosaurs. Maybe Jurassic World’s comeback makes it the perfect time for Dino Crisis again? Jurassic Park certainly helped boost the eagerness for Dino-games.

        And dinosaurs is way cooler. Let’s keep it real.

  1. For once, I hope it’s not another Mega Man game. That franchise belongs on Nintendo systems and I don’t want Capcom to be confused into thinking I want it on anything else.

    1. Oh I’m sorry, I read that wrong. By “and is going to be on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC”, I thought you meant the rumored game. So yeah. New Mega Man game please.

  2. Soo, if it’s not on switch, why is it relevant on a Nintendo page? Capcom is one of my favorite companies, I hate when their games don’t get to switch.

  3. It would be really awesome if it was Okami 2, but that’s highly unlikely though… as much as I’d love for that to happen, it’s probably never going to happen

    1. You do know there was a sequel to Okami, right ?
      I know few people played it, but still, Okamiden for the Nintendo DS is a pretty great game. It’s centered around Ami’s daughter and all the character’s from the previous game are there, too, with their descendants. It’s got new dungeons, powers, bosses and all. Time may not have been kind to it, but back then, it really rocked!

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