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Digital Foundry takes on Astral Chain


The latest tech investigation by the enthusiasts over at Digital Foundry is here and it is for Astral Chain which launched on Friday exclusively for the Nintendo Switch system. The team have come away impressed by the magic Platinum Games have sprinkled on the game but there’s a few gripes including the fact that it doesn’t feature surround sound and that it is 30fps. Visually speaking the game is excellent and our reviewer Colette was very impressed with the gameplay in our review. Have a watch of the video for the full rundown from Digital Foundry!


3 thoughts on “Digital Foundry takes on Astral Chain”

  1. For those of you who have surround sound. Just turn off surround sound mode on your switch, set it to stereo and let your receiver / amp do the surround sound encoding for you. Not sure why so many switch games are not supporting true surround sound. My workaround proves to work for me though.

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