Nintendo Pokemon

New Pokemon anime series to be announced 29th September


Unsurprisingly there’s a new Pokemon anime series on its way and it will be fully unveiled on 29th September. The show will be set in all regions and could well be a reboot. The name of the new series is just “Pocket Monsters” which Serebii says is the same as when the anime started in 1997. More details will come at the end of the month.




  1. A reboot, huh? The Pokemon anime hasn’t been good in years if at all. If it’s a reboot, let’s hope they learn on their mistakes. Oh who am I kidding? They probably won’t.

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      1. i try to download it on my phone last year, but its not compatible with my phone because of the phone size. Besides i was planning on watching the episodes sometime this week on Kiss Anime or YouTube. episode 22 or 24 is where i left off. i think. :/


    1. Honestly, i would not say things like that here. Because i don’t think the creators and the producers want to get rid of Ash. So, they might have to continue the anime series or do a reboot of it.


  2. ALL of the regions? If they’re going to retire Ash and focus on every single region’s arc, I would actually be thrilled to watch this, but it sounds way too good to be true. I fully expect Ash to be the main focus somehow.


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