Nintendo Switch

Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair coming to Switch 8th October


Team 17 and Playtonic have announced in a recent video that Yooka Laylee will be arriving on the Nintendo Switch system on 8th October. Preloading for the game is now live on the eShop and the download size has been revealed as 4.6 GB. Check out the new trailer for the 2D platformer down below!



  1. Wow . It trips me out how Playton can make games immediately but not Nintendo, Rare Ware nor Retro and they have way more money. While Retro couldn’t make another Donkey Kong, Playton made another Ukulele.
    Founders of Trine also make games more often than Nintendo.
    Already at Trine 4 surpassing Pikmin franchise and Luigi’s Mansion already and have wayyyyy less money than Nintendo does.


  2. Also add to the list another producer never making games immediately……Ubisoft.
    Where is Rayman Legends 2 and Mario Rabbids 2? What a cheaper producers with way less money make games.more often tham.wealthy video game producers.
    I bet Gamefreak wont make another Pokemon game in Switch life cycle. We probably have to pay $350 per Pokemon game now. The poorer a video game publisher is the more often they make games. The richer they are the less often they make games.


  3. Wouldnt common sense tell you that after seeing the results of peoples.reactions of Banjo-kazooie on Smash to IMMEDIATELY with Rare, Nintendo and start.Threeie? That’s millions of dollars right there split between 3 publishers. Video game developers must dont like money. So why wouldn’t they had THOUGHT about this immediately after the reactions of BK on Smash Bros? Why hasn’t Nintendo worked on Starfox Immediately after Starfox Zero was complete? So we have to pay $350 per Starfox tittle now?

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  4. Has anyone ever told you that you’re a broken record? You say this same crap all the time, get some new material. Also, I’m actually glad that Nintendo is slow about making sequels; it means they actually care enough about their products to quality control them and not release them until they are absolutely ready.

    You know what happens when companies release sequels too frequently? Oversaturation happens. What you start to see is menial meaningless upgrades (downgrades) with a minimal amount of effort put into them by jaded devs who have grown apart from the passion of their own franchises and decided it’s better to start trying to milk their fan base for every dime they can separate them from then fall outside of deadlines to create actual art.

    Do you really want that to happen to your beloved Nintendo franchises? Do you want to see them become yet more games that are released unfinished just so they can come out the door quicker and need to be patched to death to actually be worth the justification of spending any money on them? Does anyone really need any more CODs, Fifas, maddens, assassins creeds, fallouts and all the other soulless franchises chocking the market these days? I for one do not want to have to buy a game I just bought again every six months to a year, just to get a new coat of paint over the same old same. Haven’t you ever heard that absence makes the heart grow fonder? That applies to games too.

    Also, this particular game is a terrible example, because it’s probably going to be the substandard, half-arsed, pushed out the door tripe I was just referring to.


    1. I am hoping it’s going to be good. Keep in mind that these are some of the people who worked on the Donkey Kong Country games. Plus they had a ton of art assets made for the previous game they made that didn’t turn out as good as they were hoping, partly because they bit off more than they could chew. With a 2D platformer there was a more realistic set of tasks that they’d tackled before.


      1. You do have a point; it’s really not fair of me to judge a game I haven’t played. I only have their other game to go off of though, so based on that I wouldn’t hold my breath for this game turning out well, but I will admit that I may have jumped to conclusions. However, objectively a dev team biting off more than they can chew makes them an incompetent dev team. A competent dev team knows exactly what they are capable of and how much they can get done within the timeframe they have set. This game looks a lot like a Tropical Freeze knock-off to me, so it’s probably just better to play that game as I can’t imagine this being the superior product. That said I will reserve my final judgment until I’ve played it, I’d actually like to be wrong about it, because I love platformers, and it is kind of hard to mess them up especially when they are 2D.


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