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Video: New Nintendo Switch Lite advertisement


The dedicated handheld system, the Nintendo Switch Lite, is arriving later this month and it should prove to be a nice and cheaper entry to the Nintendo Switch family. To highlight this, Nintendo UK has uploaded a new advertisement for the smaller and lighter system showing it being used in a variety of unusual places including orbiting earth. The Nintendo Switch Lite will be available on 20th September.


  1. Been considering a switch lite to take advantage of the better battery and it’s more portable. But I’m not sure how I feel about the smaller screen. The regular switch screen is already small enough. If the bezels weren’t so huge they could have fit a bigger screen in there. Ill have to try it out when they have them on demo.

    1. I’m sure the screen is one of the more costly parts to produce so the smaller screen is to bring the price of the system down.

    1. It’s yellow, blue, and gray, and I think interesting colors are better than generic ones.

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