Nintendo Switch

Video: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered coming 23rd January and features cross-play


The next big gaming event of the year is happening this week in Japan, the Tokyo Game Show. Square Enix has launched a new trailer for the remastered version of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles which is due to arrive on the Nintendo Switch platform on 23rd January. The game features a number of improvements, including cross-play,  which are listed below:

  • Character voiceovers
  • Online multiplayer for up to four players (Cross-play functionality)
  • New bosses and dungeons
  • Variant character skins and items to equip

Long ago, a giant meteorite fell on the land, and deadly miasma blanketed the world. Crystals keep the miasma in check, but the crystals’ power is not eternal. Young adventurers embark on a journey once a year seeking “drops of myrrh” to purify the crystals. These are the chronicles of brave young adventurers who journey to protect their home. These are the “CRYSTAL CHRONICLES.”


  1. I enjoyed t the original, on GameCube. My brothers and I had a lot of fun! I will definitely be getting this game, day one. Relive the magic!


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