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Video: The Switch Lite’s analog sticks are the same as the Joy-Con’s


The biggest concern that Switch owners had with the Switch Lite are the analog sticks. The original Switch‘s Joy-Con controllers have analog sticks that move on its own, an issue that became problematic this year and is called “Joy-Con Drift”. The concern is that the same analog sticks that drift could be put into the Switch Lite. Because the Switch Lite doesn’t use detachable Joy-Cons, the problem could be made worse with analog sticks that are embedded with the console itself.

Multiple Switch Lite owners, such as Spawn Wave, have taken the Switch Lite apart to examine the analog sticks up close. They have discovered that the analog sticks for the Switch Lite have a different part number, but unfortunately, the analog sticks are exactly the same as the Joy-Con’s. If the problem still exists, we probably won’t find out until people have been playing their Switch Lites for a good while, so it could take a year or two. The good news is that Nintendo is fixing the Joy-Con drift for free, regardless of warranty status, so if the problem were to surface with the Switch Lite, Nintendo’s response should be the same. You can see Spawn Wave’s findings in a video down below.