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SEGA is reviving House Of The Dead for Nintendo Switch


Good news for fans of the point and shoot genre as it seems as though SEGA is looking to bring the acclaimed House of the Dead series to the Nintendo Switch system. The team behind the revival is none other than the team behind the Panzer Dragoon remakes. The source, which is Polish, suggests it is a remake and reboot, but it wouldn’t be too surprising. The game would work well with the Joy-Cons being used as pointers to blast the zombies. Hopefully it will be officially announced by SEGA soon!

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Thanks to Snazzy Snake for the news tip!


  1. These were great and overkill, but at the time it was all about the wii remote and how you played. Don’t think I’d be interested too much as I have these on wii ( unless they update the graphics and make it wii remote compatible of course) then il be sold.

      1. HotD2 arcade cabinet was my introduction to return to gaming. Used to play the heck of it at a local shopping mall, just around 2011/12. It made me buy Wii specifically and get back to console gaming.

  2. I do remember playing it briefly in the arcade, but that must of been like 20+ years ago.
    I know there was so much hype with the wii with the new control scheme and these games seemed like a perfect fit at the time. Maybe they could do a nice physical bundle with overkill included.

  3. I just don’t see these games working very well nowadays. Mayyybe if it has a light gun accessory of some kind. But even then.. these rail shooters are from a different time in gaming. Perhaps im wrong tho.

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