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Japan: Nintendo releases new Luigi’s Mansion 3 trailer


Luigi’s Mansion 3 is just around the corner for the Nintendo Switch as it’s due out October 31st and to celebrate its upcoming release Nintendo has shared a spectacular new trailer. Take a watch of Luigi’s spooky exploits below!

6 thoughts on “Japan: Nintendo releases new Luigi’s Mansion 3 trailer”

    1. This game looks so cool. I love the different themed rooms. But I sure wish Nintendo would start making these characters talk more. I get sick of hearing mostly just grunts and groans. Or occasional single words, such as “MARIO”. Which by the way, it was nice to hear Luigi saying again. Does anyone really need to see a trailer for this game in order to know if they want to buy it? It’s LUIGI’s MANSION. You KNOW it’ll be awesome. I’m surprised they didn’t call it Luigi’s Hotel.

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