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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate sold 3.3 million on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS


Capcom’s Platinum List has been updated today and it reveals that Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate for the Nintendo 3DS and later the Nintendo Switch has sold a total of 3.3 million units. The company’s all-time best-selling game remains Monster Hunter World for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. You can check out the Platinum List here.

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    1. sad part is switch owners in the west were screaming at Capcom to release the western version before MHW released and crapcom ignored them. I bet MHGU would have sold much better if crapcom weren’t run by egotistical retards.

        1. Same can be said about Square Enix with some of their recent shortcomings like Final Fantasy XV & Kingdom Hearts 3. FFXV was unfinished as most of the story content was spread across other bullshit & most of Kingdom Hearts 3 felt like a bloody side game and it didn’t feel like the third main entry til the Keyblade Graveyard which was only about 30 minutes to an hour long.

          1. Square have at least restructured recently. Reducing amount of development departments to make a more streamlined work flow. We can hope they’ll deliver FFVIIR on time for once.

            1. Hopefully with very little censoring but I won’t hold my breathe since they got that “ethics” department based in Caliwoke. If the Cloud dressing up as a drag queen gets removed from the story in the remake because it’s “hateful towards transgenders”, we’ll know Square Enix’s restructuring was a misdirection to make people think the company is smartening up again when, in reality, they are just going further down the gutter hole.

              1. Cloud will be cross-dressing in the remake. It’s confirmed. And what they did with Tifa was way within reasons in my opinion. Their justification was solid as well. But they shouldn’t do too much more, I do agree.

                1. While Tifa’s new design is still censoring, I do like it. That & I’m not a big fan of volleyball boobs. Why any man or woman would want them THAT big is beyond me. @.@

                  1. Censoring might be a little harsh. “Adjusting” is more fitting here. They didn’t remove anything really. But yeah, Tifa looks better now. Was a bit extreme before.

    1. It most probably does as there is no separate entry for Double Cross. If you see the list in Japanese it has Cross at some 4 million and Double Cross at 3.3, and if you change to English Generations and Generations Ultimate occupy the same spots with the same number.

    2. Yes. There are tons of games that have alternate titles in Japan. (Or rather I should say some of the games have alternate titles in the West since some originate from a Japanese company.) Like Legend of Zelda is called Zeruda no Densetsu in Japan to name one.

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