Lead animator of Sonic Mania was behind the Sonic the Hedgehog Movie redesign


Tyson Hesse, the lead animator on the excellent Sonic Mania video game and the director behind Sonic Mania Adventures shorts, has revealed that he was the man behind the redesigned Sonic we saw earlier today in the latest Sonic the Hedgehog Movie trailer. Mr. Hesse says it was a true honour bring brought into the role and he had the time of his life doing it. He also produced a special artwork of Sonic which you can view above in full.


  1. Can he be 2d animated like this tho instead of cgi I mean his cgi look looks loads better than the first deisgn, but it still just feels weird in cgi, better design but the movie plot still look and feels like a huge flop waiting to be fill with memes and disapointment, the designs was one of the major flaws but so was plot in the trailer, it just feels like a generic movie I already watch but with sonic slap in. Guess I’ll be waiting for another new sonic game than

  2. It’s wild that 10 years ago this guy was just some dude who’s webcomics I used to read and now he’s lead animator of the Sonic Movie.

    1. Yep! It’s amazing to see him come so far! He’s one of my favorite artists/animators by far! Love all of his stuff.

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