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Untitled Goose Game wins Golden Joystick 2019 Breakthrough Award


The Untitled Goose Game had to win one award, and win one award it has, as it scooped the Breakthrough Award at this year’s Golden Joystick Awards ceremony. The amusing title has been developed by Australian developers House House. As we previously reported it was Super Smash Bros Ultimate which scored the award for best Nintendo game of 2019.



    1. This game is never going to get a physical release on any platform, so I guess you are never going to play it. Just in case you are wondering where this info is coming form, it’s the fact that this game was published by Epic games, who are a digital storefront, and have only ever released fortnite physically. So you are out of luck.

      1. Never say never. After all, we have great people such as the ones at Limited Run Games (and similar sites) who take these matters into their own hands. So if Epic doesn’t make a physical release themselves, maybe Limited Run will.

    2. If I’m wrong and it ever does get a physical release then I will humbly eat my words, but I’m confident that I’m right so I don’t think I’ll need to.

      Oh and Sid, that is true I hadn’t noticed that, but my point still stands, the publisher is all digital, so I can still safely proclaim that their is no physical release in this game’s future.

  1. Golden Joystick is a lil bs tbh

    Giving award for “Best expansion” to GTA Online’s Diamond Casino update.
    …….like are you serious???

    Did they forget one of the best expansions of this year, MHW’s Iceborne expansion????
    Hundreds of hours of content and along with it was great changes to the gameplay; plus its getting MORE FREE DLC UPDATES.

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