Europe: High-quality Super NES poster set on My Nintendo for 300 Platinum Points


The collectors amongst you should be made aware that there’s currently a high-quality Super NES poster set available on My Nintendo in Europe. The set is available for a reasonable 300 Platinum Points but shipping is fairly expensive. Still, if you want to get your hands on these high quality posters to decorate your room or house then go for it. The three posters are for Super Mario Kart, Super Metroid and The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past.



    1. I would be interested if we got switch rewards of some actual rewards like the ones Club Nintendo had. Was so close to get the G&W reward :(

      1. Were suppose to also get special offers too with the online service but we honestly only have been given snes and nes controllers as special offers so I kinda feel rip off about this service, not to mention they wont release nes or snes games monthly anymore and that they will release when they want to

  1. I see, your using your points and their maybe making a little profit on the postage, but probably not a lot.
    Even so, in quite a few years if you keep them in good nick they’ll be worth more for sure.

  2. While I don’t know standard european shipping charges, I have gotten a *lot* of Club Nintendo poster 3-packs in to their credits they use high quality poster tubes.

  3. I’m beginning to think NoA hates its user base, because we here in the States never get offers like these anymore. We got the Luigi’s Mansion 3 statue promo, but that was a contest and only like 5 people can win.

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