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Metacritic: Vote for your favourite video games of 2019

Metacritic has just announced that its 10th annual user poll is now open for you to vote for your favourite video games, music, tv shows and more. You can list five of your favourite video games of the year and there’s also a chance to vote for your favourite game of the entire decade. Vote here.

A few simple rules

  • You may vote only once. Once you submit your picks in a category, that’s it—they cannot be edited. 
  • BUT, you don’t have to vote in every category all at once; feel free to make your picks in one or more categories now, and then come back next week to finish the other categories.
  • You may only vote for titles released during 2019. (For TV, each show needs to have aired at least one new episode at some point during 2019, even if that show is no longer on the air now.) We will invalidate any picks that were not released between January 1 and December 31, 2019. 
  • We will also ignore any duplicate votes, so don’t try voting for the same title five times.
  • Voting will close at noon PST on Saturday, January 4, 2020.


  1. Fire Emblem, Luigi 3, Samurai Shodown, Judgement and Shadowkeep for me at least. Would probably put Iceborne in here as well, but the PC-version hasn’t been released yet. And game of the decade must be Monster Hunter World.

  2. Correction: In the article it says “(FOR TV, each show needs to have aired at least one new episode at some point during 2098.”)

    I believe that is a typo, as I don’t see how a show could have a new episode in the year 2098 currently.

    I apologize if I’m not understanding something. :)

    1. You must be new to the site. We all have time machines so we can travel to the future and then come back and cast our votes. I watched an episode of EastEnders from 2098 and it was the same usual rubbish and still stared Dot Cotton.

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