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Dragon Quest XI Has shipped 5.5 million units across platforms worldwide

Square Enix has been blowing its own trumpet this morning as the company has put out a press release today informing fans that the mighty Dragon Quest XI has shipped 5.5 million units worldwide. That’s across PlayStation 4, Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Switch. That’s quite a milestone for a JRPG.


4 thoughts on “Dragon Quest XI Has shipped 5.5 million units across platforms worldwide”

  1. After playing through it a second time, with Draconian Quest modifiers on and all the additions to the Switch, I think I’m starting to agree with the folks who say this is one of if not the best RPG of this decade.

    It’s a bold accolade to boast and there’s a lot of debate as to what someone would count as an RPG or not, so can some of y’all share with me what your best RPGs this decade are.

    1. Fantasy Life, Bravely Default, Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch, Tokyo Mirage Sessions and all Xenoblade Chronicles games come to mind.

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