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Platinum Games boss teases “interesting news next year”

Platinum Games always have multiple video games in development across platforms and it seems that they will be announcing or revealing something new next year. Speaking in a special niconico livestream, which featured notable video game developers born in 1970, Platinum Games boss Hideki Kamiya said the following:

“We’ll be able to release interesting news next year.”

Let’s hope this news shows up during the next big Nintendo Direct which will presumably air sometime early next year.



      1. Oops. I forgot. They did do Astral Chain and worked on Starfox so they did do some Nintendo stuff after Bayo 2.

        Whew… I almost said something completely inaccurate there. I might as well have said “Platinum Games didn’t do anything after Bayo 2!”

      1. Yeah that’s kinda my point right there because they want to make sure that the game has the best gameplay experience and they need a little time to polish the game a bit more. That’s why they don’t talk about it that much, they want to surprise fans with some content and experience with the new game.

  1. I already peeped without, developers talk shit about a future sequel knowing they didn’t even start on it.
    Pikmin 4 being nearly complete in 2015 ring a bell? And you see they didn’t even try to bring W101 to the Switch. They just make a game then just dont do nothing for 7 years.

      1. Yes. Microsoft announced it and then the project was cancelled.

  2. I have no issue of Nintendo fans defending Nintendos reasons why they take forever to make a sequel but when Nintendo annocuces a Nintendo Direct and it is dry, dont complain.

  3. Bayonetta 3 HAS to come out in 2020. Everyone realizes that astral chain causes the delay but if development is back on track as it it should, then I expect it to be a fall release.

    I’m begging Platinum not to release something silly like MadWorld port or Wonderful 101. This does nothing to the Switch than solidifies itself rep of being a port/remake dumpster which I can no longer tolerate.

    1. Don’t think Astral Chain caused that much of a delay, since Kamiya wasn’t involved on that.

      And Madworld port would be dope. People who say that Switch is a port/remake dumpster don’t know what they’re saying.

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