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Video: Nintendo eShop highlights for December 2019

Nintendo UK has uploaded their monthly highlight video for the Nintendo eShop today. December’s eShop highlights includes titles such as the free-to-play Dauntless, Alien Isolation and also Shovel Knight King of Cards which is free if you own the Shovel Knight collection. Have a watch of December’s highlights down below!

8 thoughts on “Video: Nintendo eShop highlights for December 2019”

  1. Again with this terrible layout design. Can we go back to the old way (again). The site looks awful now. The old way was much much better. I visit this site multiple times daily, but I can’t stand this new change (again). Please go back to the old layout design. Its far superior. Or at least, if you want something new (which I get), go to something better than this. This is just a terrible layout design.

    1. I second. It’s really inconvenient. I now have to scroll and scroll instead of just looking at all the headlines at a glance. Basically, you’ve added extra unnecessary time to a visitor browsing your website.

      C’mon, now! I know many game devs are guilty of not respecting the player’s time when designing their games but that doesn’t mean the games news websites have to as well

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