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Kamiya reconfirms Bayonetta 3 “development’s going really well”

It has been a long time since Bayonetta 3 was teased to eager Nintendo fans and since then we haven’t really heard much about the illusive video game. Speaking on his personal Twitter account Platinum Games boss Hideki Kamiya said that “development’s going really well” when asked by a concerned fan over on Twitter. Let’s hope we see plenty of footage next year.

 “Development’s going really well. There you go.”

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  1. Going so well, that we haven’t heard or seen nothing for over 2 years since it was confirmed in development. Hopefully this e3 could be epic with bayo 3 and botw2 footage.

    1. You should be thankful it’s Nintendo.

      Other platforms promise to release games and sometimes it takes 5 years or more to be released.

      1. I do hope so.
        There has been the rumours about super Metroid remake which would be awesome or maybe some sort of new 2d Metroid. Then there’s the prime trilogy which is sure bound to happen, just when. I expect sometime in the near future to get everyone (especially newbies ) primed and ready for mp4.
        There’s also no current later part of 2020 big Nintendo games confirmed yet so theres gona be something.

  2. I am one of the very few who was lucky enough to get their hands on a Physical copy of Bayonetta Climax edition with Bayo 1 on its own cartridge, wish Bayo 1 got a physical release in the west that way everyone could own the entire series physically on one platform though.

    1. Good. I hopethey take all the time they need for it. I’d rather get great bayo in 3 years than good bayo in 1.

      1. Speak for yourself…. Just because its in longer development doesnt mean the game will be good… Nit saying thats bayos case but there have been mediocre games that have been in development hell longer and they werent good even if it had polish

  3. Great to hear that but I call B.S. in it until I see it. After all Pikmin 4 was near completion back in August 2015. I come to find it video game developers lie. If not where Pikmin 4?

    1. At this point, you just gotta accept the strong possibility that Miyamoto was never talking about an actual Pikmin 4 but was actually talking about Hey! Pikmin which was the 4th Pikmin game to be made.

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