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VentureBeat: Nintendo spent an estimated $46,000,000 on television advertising in 2019

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It has been a while since we’ve gotten any video gaming company television advertising data, but with the end of the year rapidly approaching, that has now changed. VentureBeat, along with their partner at, has provided some data on television advertising for 2019, specifically the time between January 1st and December 8th. According to VentureBeat, “the game industry spent an estimated $319,600,000 on television ads in 2019 (January 1 through December 8), a 14.68% decrease from the same time period in 2018. With that decrease came a fall in ad airings (-27.84%) and TV ad impressions (-16.10%)”. Out of that $319,600,000,

$46,000,000 of it was spent by Nintendo, which is left than half of the $108,500,000 and $100,000,000 that Playstation and Xbox spent, respectively. However, Nintendo‘s advertisements saw 3,007,000,000,000 television advertisement impressions. VentureBeat also says that “unsurprisingly, the gaming industry overall spent the most on sports programming, with the NFL leading the way (estimated $61,200,000, a 14.62% increase from 2018) — almost twice as much as the NBA and three times as much as college football. But in fifth place for programming with the biggest outlay is SpongeBob SquarePants — driven mostly by Nintendo, which spent about $7,080,000 million advertising during the kids’ series”.


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  1. I love data like this. Hope it’s more transparent in the future.

    I can’t believe it’s almost 202 there’s no proper public game charts with total sales. The best we have VGChartz which is mediocre at best (sales pending, not updated etc)

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