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BioShock: The Collection rated for the Nintendo Switch

It would seem as though the classic games in the iconic Bioshock franchise are heading to the Nintendo Switch platform. The news was discovered via the Taiwanese games rating board. The games originally appeared on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and then the collection of all three games came to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Hopefully we shall get an official announcement soon.

Thanks to jcnba28 for the news tip!


  1. Everyday I ask myself why am I drifting from buying a PS5 at launch, to until it is two years on the market. Simple answer, Nintendo Switch! I love me some Switch.


    1. if Nintendo would release a Switch Advanced with just a bit more horsepower and fixed joycons next December I wouldn’t even hesitate to take that over a PS5.

      But I generally recommend waiting with buying a PS5. Bought both the PS3 as well as the PS4 over a year after launch and in both cases got laughably good deals and at least some interesting games to play.
      The PS4 didn’t really had anything at launch that really felt like a step up from PS3 and with PS5 it will be even worse as the generation-gaps just aren’t that big anymore.When I play RDR2 I see that you don’t need the fastest system but just a zillion of great designers and developers and huge effort. without them, PS5 games will look sharper and hae more polygons and stuff, but they might end up delivering the same experience, especially during the 1st year.

      So save your money and play your backlog; I mean maybe its just me, but I’d have enough stuff to play for more than a year if PS4 releases would suddenly stop in favor of the PS5.

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